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Dental Treatments

Orthodontics / Invisalign

At Dentalcare NZ we provide quality orthodontics with the aim of not only straightening teeth but also taking into consideration the facial effect of such orthodontics.

Straight teeth does not mean you have had good orthodontics! Straight teeth plus a great facial profile and smile is what we try to achieve – and that’s good orthodontics!

Orthodontics i.e. the straightening of teeth is so diverse that all your problems to solve the malocclusion will be discussed, and a treatment plan is advised.
Most cases can be successfully treated without extractions or surgical intervention, however there are cases that are more complex and need either extractions or surgery at a later stage. We work very closely with Maxillofacial Surgeons and our combined treatment plan if need be, ensures an excellent outcome.

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Dental Implants

Having missing teeth is an emotionally devastating experience. Few people realise, however, that in addition to compromised aesthetics, gaps left when teeth are lost can cause drifting and tilting of adjacent teeth and overerupting of opposing teeth. This in turn, can lead to decay, gum disease, and jaw problems. The loss of a tooth, therefore, has both aesthetic and functional consequences.

Normally dental implants are titanium screws which can be placed into the jaw bone to replace missing tooth roots. Crowns, bridges and dentures can then be attached to the implants to replace the missing tooth or teeth. Dental implants are therefore a treatment option for nearly every patient who needs teeth replaced – from patients who have lost one tooth to patients with no teeth left at all.

The replacement of missing teeth with implant-retained crowns/bridges/dentures requires both the expertise of a skilled surgeon to place the implants and a skilled cosmetic dentist to place the restorations on top. It is very rare to find both practitioners within the one dental practice, so patients usually are sent to numerous different locations on several occasions to consult with the requisite surgeons and dentists.

At Dentalcarenz we offer the services of both a skilled Maxillofacial Surgeon (Mr Peter Liston, Wanganui practice) and an Oral Surgeon (Dr Glenn Kirk, Palmerston North practice) to perform the surgical placement of our implants. Our Dentists in both practices then perform the cosmetic side of the procedure, all being complete perfectionists. Our Surgeons and Dentists work in close conjunction to optimise each patient’s aesthetic and functional outcome.

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Dental Fillings

Fillings are necessary when plaque acids create cavities in teeth or when bits of teeth break off.

As much as possible we use aesthetic white fillings on front and back teeth. These fillings do however have limitations and on occasion we may suggest the use of an alternative such as amalgam, or suggest crowns to strengthen compromised teeth.

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Crown and Bridge Work, Veneers

A crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” which fits over a tooth or remaining tooth structure. Crowns may be recommended to strengthen weakened or compromised teeth, support a denture, restore a dental implant or achieve an excellent aesthetic result. A number of materials are available which the dentist will discuss with you. Bridges are like crowns that are used to replace missing teeth (bridging the gap)

This is a discipline that Dr Swanepoel is particularly interested in. He has many years experience in full mouth rehabilitation work. He has an excellent reputation for his skill in this discipline which has seen him invited to Auckland and the Pacific Island to perform large and complex cases.

We provide leading cosmetic dental services at our Wanganui and Palmerston North dental practices including more conservative Porcelain Veneers and Composite Veneers.

With our extensive list of treatment options and approaches, our services are tailored to meet your requirements.

In the initial consultation we will discuss with you the various options and guide you to the most suitable approach, taking into consideration your lifestyle, budget, and key concerns.

Dental veneers and crowns provide the ideal solution for many cosmetic dentistry issues including: Chipped and Uneven Teeth, Discoloured Teeth, Gappy Teeth, Damage Resulting from Gum Disease, Short Teeth and Small Teeth.

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is an option if the pulpal tissues (nerves and blood vessels inside your tooth) die due to infection or trauma, or become irreversibly inflamed. Traditionally in these situations, the tooth would have been removed.

Root canal treatment maintains the tooth in your mouth and removes the source of pain or disease. We use modern rotary instruments to improve the success and decrease the time taken for this treatment.

Usually two to three visits are required to complete a treatment and cost depends on the number of canals treated within the root system.

We may also advise a crown on the tooth following root canal treatment to protect the weakened tooth and give it the best chance of a successful outcome. We are happy to discuss root canal costs involved and alternative treatments before we begin.

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Teeth Whitening

A commonly asked question is “do you do tooth whitening?”

The answer is yes, if we think it is appropriate. In most instances, we provide you with a take-home kit. This involves taking impressions of your teeth to construct special trays with reservoirs to hold the whitening agent. The material is safe to use, easy to apply and something you can monitor yourself. Results can be spectacular but not all teeth respond the same.

We also have the latest Zoom Whitening System. This is an in-chair System that we use to whiten your teeth in our clinics in order to get faster results. You are then provided with a take-home kit to maintain and sometimes further improve the shade of your new white teeth.

With all Tooth Whitening, some temporary sensitivity can be expected but no adverse effects to the tooth pulp have been recorded. We are happy to answer your questions about whitening and help you with your requests.

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Prosthetics / Dentures

At Dentalcarenz Wanganui and Palmerston North we offer a wide range of solutions for replacing missing or lost teeth which include Dentures, Dental Implants, and Bridges.

Dentures provide a lower cost option to replace missing teeth than dental implants and bridges.

Dentures, often referred to as ‘false teeth’ are a prosthetic device constructed to replace one or more missing teeth.

There are many denture options available to patients these days. Your dentist at Dentalcarenz Wanganui or Palmerston North will discuss these with you. They include acrylic partial dentures, metal partial dentures, implant supported full dentures, acrylic full dentures or valplast (velplast) dentures.

In addition, there are a range of options for anchoring. This may include implants for full dentures and the use of denture clasps for partial dentures. We conduct any preparation treatment in our clinics and then take the impression/mould of the mouth. These are then sent to our registered dental technicians for the construction of the prosthesis. On return, we fit these in our clinics.

Dentures may take between 2 – 6 appointments to make and fit.

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Periodontal Therapy / Teeth Cleaning

To do this they use a periodontal probe to painlessly measure the depths of pocketing around your teeth. Bleeding on probing and depths of pocketing greater than 3mm does indicate disease, either gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) or more seriously, periodontitis (loss of bony support of the teeth), which is the second biggest cause of tooth loss.

We use a combination of ultrasonic scalers and hand instrumentation to remove calculus (tartar) which is hardened plaque deposits above and below your gum line. Sometimes we may use local anaesthetic for this procedure if pockets are particularly deep to make it more comfortable.

Polishing your teeth removes soft plaque deposits, some staining and the biofilm on your teeth leaving them with that fresh dentist clean feeling. In some instances the scaling process may take more than one appointment and subsequent review appointments may be necessary to insure you reach a state of good periodontal health.

We have a wide range of cleaning devices that we are happy to pass on to help you maintain a healthy mouth. However at times, we may suggest you see one of our Dentists for Periodontal Surgery should these pockets be too deep for our ultrasonic and hand instruments.

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Free Dental Care for Kids (<18)

Dental treatment for children up to the age of 18 is free at Dentalcarenz and we enjoy meeting and treating young patients. We provide high-school aged patients with an annual visit to clinically examine their teeth and take new radiographs.We can then organise any subsequent appointments should they be necessary. Should you benefit from orthodontics, we will discuss options with you.

We are also happy to provide you with a custom made mouthguard on request if you are involved in any contact sports.

For pre-school, primary and intermediate aged children, we are happy to action referrals from your school dental therapist to carry out any treatment that is beyond their scope of practice.

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